Oriental dollarbird At Hampstead Wetlands Park

Oriental dollarbird

Oriental dollarbird (三寶鳥)has a beautiful bluish-green sheen on the back and wing coverts.

Almost every time when I visit this place, I will see it resting at the same perch and fly back again and again after he hawks for the insects.

The bluish-green colour on its body is really nice and I wanted to see if I can capture the BIF (Bird In Flight) for this bird, fortunately I am able to capture that precious moments.

It’s quite an unique way, where it will let its body drop freely then expand it’s wing and fly low across the area quickly! I guess it’s because the insects usually don’t fly too high so it needs to fly at the same level in order for it to spot and catch the insect more easily 🙂

My gears for this trip:

  • Olympus E-M1 Mark III
  • Olympus M.Zuiko 100-400mm f/5.0-6.3
  • EE-1 dot Sight
  • MC-14
Oriental dollarbird

I made a big mistake when I am using the EE-1 dot sight, forgot to expand the focus length! It fixed at 140mm which is a bit far to capture this bird. I have to crop the image to make it larger and more visible. Next time I will ensure I double check the focus length before I start to use the EE-1 dot sight to track the bird.

Following are the series of photos how the Oriental dollarbird start to take off, enjoy!

Oriental dollarbird

Beautiful and elegant Oriental dollarbird

Oriental dollarbird

I think it’s time to hunt for food again. Let me turn my body first…

Oriental dollarbird

Released the legs…..

Oriental dollarbird

Relax the body and….

Oriental dollarbird

Expand the beautiful wings!

Oriental dollarbird

Start to explore and hunting for food!

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