Coppersmith Barbet At Hampstead Wetlands Park

Coppersmith Barbet

It’s a good sunny Sunday when I visited the Hampstead Wetlands Park, saw this beautiful woodpecker busy making a new nest!

Recognised by it’s unique red hair and green body, I found this little woodpecker stay very alert while he is making the tree hollow by digging it constantly.

These photos are taken by the following gears:

  • Camera : E-M1 Mark III
  • Lens : Olympus M.Zuiko 100-400mm f/5.0-6.3 IS + MC-14

It’s definitely an enjoyable moment to observe the coppersmith barbet digging on the tree and preparing it’s new home!

Coppersmith Barbet

Very beautiful and colourful woodpecker.

Coppersmith Barbet

It stay very alert and observing the surrounding carefully…

Coppersmith Barbet

Let me see if the space is it big enough….

Coppersmith Barbet

Continue to work hard…

Coppersmith Barbet

Happy with the new nest!

I will definitely come back again to see if i can spot the coppersmith barbet’s baby and happy family 🙂

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  1. What an amazing sight that must have been, how exciting! I never knew there were woodpeckers like this. We have woodpeckers eat from our sunflower seed feeder. I love when they visit.

    • Thank you! If I am not wrong, this woodpecker species only exist in the Indian subcontinent and part of the Southeast Asia area. I believe the woodpecker in your area is colourful and beautiful as well 🙂

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