Wildlife @ Singapore Yishun Pond Park – Olympus M.Zuiko 100-400mm f5.0-6.3 IS

Juvenile white-bellied sea eagle

Date: 20th September 2020

Time: 3pm – 4pm (GMT+8)

Location: Singapore Yishun Pond Park

My Gears:

  • E-M1 Mark III
  • M.Zuiko 100-400mm f5.0-6.3 IS
  • MC-14
  • EE-1 Dot Sight

When I reached this small and quiet pond park, I am actually didn’t set any expectation and just want to try my luck to see what I can capture from here and practise the BIF (bird in flight).

Herons and egrets are the first wildlife I spotted , very quietly standing there and searching for food

Herons and Egrets

While I am waiting patiently to see if the Heron will start to fly, suddenly 2 White-bellied sea eagles (Juvenile & Adult) flew through quickly over my head and immediately I decided to switch my target to the sea eagles!

Couldn’t believe what I am able to capture for the next 60 mins.

The eagles fighting with each other (or just playing? too bad my skill not strong enough to capture these split second moment yet), rest on the tree where a group of crow already gathered there and those crows are very angry trying to chase eagle away. Yes, later you will see from the photos, how the crows are trying to chase the eagle away ! 🙂

Juvenile white-bellied sea eagle

I am very impressed with the Olympus 100-400mm lens, it’s so fast and sharp, allow me to capture some very precious moment of the interaction between the sea eagles and crows even thought the sun light is not at the most ideal moment/position.

Juvenile white-bellied sea eagle

Thanks to the super power E-M1 Mark III body’s image stabilisation capability, I managed to capture all these photos by handheld!

I have turned off the in-lens IS, purely rely on the IBIS (In-body image stabilisation) , it works best for me. I have also switched the AF focus limit to 6m-unlimited option, so that the AF will not focus on anything nearby and allow the camera get the focus quickly at the far distance eagles. This is extremely useful when I try to practise to take the BIF (Bird In Flight).

Using C-AF mode seems works better for me and adjustment of the AF sensitivity is important too, i will set +2 or -2 depend on the situation. If the eagle flying in a very simple background i will set it to +2 . Most of the time I managed to capture sharp and clear image , together with the AF 5 points setting as well.

Lastly, tested with the MC-14 teleconverter, it performed perfectly and didn’t impact on the image quality (although it does lose a bit of light). Next time I would like to try the MC-20 teleconverter and I would expect under the good light condition it will work extremely well too.

I am having so much fun at Yishun Pond Park!

You can click on the photo to view more higher resolution version or can visit my Flickr to view it directly.

Enjoy the following photos and hope you like it 🙂

White-bellied Sea Eagle

Prepare to land ! – Adult white-bellied sea eagle

MC-14 | 560mm | ISO 2000 | F9 | 1/2,000s

Aiming at the landing spot – Juvenile white-bellied sea eagle

400mm | ISO 1000 | F8 | 1/2500s

White-bellied Sea Eagle
Juvenile white-bellied sea eagle

Beautiful take off – Juvenile white-bellied sea eagle

400mm | ISO 1000 | F8 | 1/2500s

Juvenile white-bellied sea eagle makes an elegant turn

400mm | ISO 1000 | F8 | 1/2500s

Juvenile white-bellied sea eagle
White-bellied Sea Eagle

We know eagle will catch small birds, have you ever seen small bird (crow) trying to catch eagle ? LOL – 400mm | ISO 1000 | F8 | 1/2000s

Can we talk in peace please ? Looks like the eagles landed at the crow’s gathering place and they try to “negotiate” with the intruders (eagles) – 400mm | ISO 1000 | F8 | 1/2000s

White-bellied Sea Eagle (Juvenile & Adult)

Angry bird! – 400mm | ISO 1000 | F8 | 1/2000s

White-bellied Sea Eagle

Can you please stop nagging at him and leave him alone ? – 400mm | ISO 800 | F8 | 1/2000s

White-bellied Sea Eagle

You fly, I fly – 400mm | ISO 800 | F9 | 1/2000s

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